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We are on a mission to ‘Shift Paradigms’ of education by transforming individuals and building nations through global learning experiences.

Our goal is to open a myriad of opportunities and impart the desired skills, which will enable our youth to excel in their areas of passion and interest.

A ‘Gurukul’ is an Indian Vedic teaching methodology where the disciples reside with their Gurus and learn through practice and performing. Today, we go a step further in developing an ultra-modern concept of ‘Gurukul’ where we offer an evolved global exposure to students and also to professionals who wish to explore the unlimited possibilities of learning with world-class universities, construing pedagogy while imbibing the ‘real’ hands-on experience.

Our learning experience is designed for interdisciplinary streams, offering access to solution-driven technology and research.




We honor commitment to all our internal and external stakeholders


We strive at every step to be the best we can be at our work


We build trust-based relationships with all our internal and external stakeholders


We practice integrity in all our internal and external transactions.




Rajesh grew up in the steel township of Rourkela, India where everyone was forced to be either an engineer or doctor. His youth was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling. He was known more for his adventurous spirit and sporting achievements than academics. Real-world experiences and few teachers at school largely shaped his dynamic personality. Smart but directionless, Rajesh experimented with different corporate and entrepreneurial pursuits before he discovered his passion – transforming education – globally.

In his role as Founder and Managing Director, Rajesh is leveraging his deep experience with early-stage companies, fund raising, and business operations to accelerate the company’s vision of becoming the industry’s leading services provider in creating powerful ‘Global Learning Experiences’.

Rajesh is a Gold Medalist from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and a management graduate from SPJIMR, Mumbai. He has over 20 years of experience in start-up operations, executive management, enterprise sales and marketing, and strategic execution that includes three early-stage companies and several MNCs in India and Singapore. He is a National Talent Search (NTSE) scholar. The Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi and the President of India, Shri R Venkataraman, felicitated him as the 4th Best NCC Cadet of India. Rajesh is also the Chairperson of the Higher Education Forum (HEF), Singapore Chapter.

He is an avid marathoner and loves spending time with his daughters over a swim or a run.



Aali was born in Jabalpur but her father’s job kept her on the move across India. Her rich and diverse early-life, real-world experiences shaped her vibrant personality. With so much to explore and experience in the world, Aali could never understand why schools were all about sitting in classrooms and completing worksheets.

Aali found experiential learning to be much more effective than classroom teaching. She could acquire knowledge and skills by ‘doing’ and by ‘reflecting’ on her experiences – full of movement, imagination, and self–directed play. Moreover, Aali believes that education should be focused on building attitude and skills along with subject matter knowledge. She was pained to observe how traditional pedagogy and curriculum in India is disjointed from the real workings of the world and therefore cannot prepare children for their adult lives.

Armed with an engineering background, Aali dabbled with conventional IT industry before her passion for curating deep learning experiences in students led her to Corporate Gurukul. High on adrenaline and bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Aali took up various challenging roles in Corporate Gurukul – business development, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, product management, programme delivery and office administration. Her constant dissatisfaction with status quo has transformed her into an avid learner who is on a relentless pursuit of excellence. Over the years, Aali has helped the company sail through some of the toughest and testing times through her sheer perseverance, resilience and grit.

Aali is passionate about incorporating basic concepts of Design Thinking in incubating and scaling learning experiences in institutions. She continues to innovate, design and implement transformational pedagogical tools for students and faculty. She believes individuals should be encouraged to retain their basic curiosity and develop into thought leaders that the nation needs.

Outside of work, you will find her exploring new places and interacting with new people. She enjoys traveling back in time with Indian classical music.

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