This is totally a new experience and exposure for me and it’s the first time I’m meeting a minister from India to discuss on the skills development of India.

As I walk into the hall for the appointment with my team, it was hell of an experience, the hall was huge and we aren’t the only one there, dozen of people are waiting there for their turn to meet the minister and i can sense some tension aura field inside. Everyone was looking at me as I entered into the hall, reason being I’m not a normal guy or to say I’m not Indian.

Eyes were staring, I wasn’t comfortable at all, it’s like ‘why are you here? It’s not possible, it can’t be’. As I entered the room, meeting the Minister, the situation kind of calm me down when the Minister smiled to us, it’s was so pleasant, so calm, like a father that smile to his own child for the first time.

This was the exposure I was talking about, an exposure you won’t get while staying in Singapore. The interaction with the Minister was a fruitful one, he shown interest in our programme and I can see that even he wants to make changes to India.

One thing I joined CG it’s not just to learn and experience, it’s what they are doing, just like what the vision of the company says:

Transforming Individuals and Building Nations through Education & Skills Development.

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