Met up with Prof R K. Mishra, Director, Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad on 7 Feb 2015 and the moment I saw him in his room, it was simply amazing, the aura that was spread around him was blue in color, it was so calm, bohot calm. A very humble man with extraordinary status.

I’m impressed, and I’m honored to be able to meet him in Hyderabad to discuss on the education plan we had and I must say: “Actions speak louder than words”. Just after we discussed our programme he immediately called his management to fix an appointment for us and I really appreciate his effort in it.

Great Power comes with Great Responsibilities!

The stories that he shared with us were memorable for me, the contribution that he gave in the education sector left me so small, but definitely an inspiration for me, I’m still young, and I hope that I have that kind of experience and exposure at his age or even younger.

This is the kind of experience I’m talking about, this is the kind of exposure I’m getting in India, and this doesn’t just stop here, it goes on and on, and I appreciate myself for making the right choice to start my career in India, making India a better place for education, and bringing the education sector to a very next and different level.

Jai Hind.

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