Met up with Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director, Indus Business Academy this afternoon and I must say it’s a fruitful trip for me and I’m honored to be able to meet such wonderful person in my life.

Indus Business Academy has become a different Business School under his lead.

How different is it from the rest of the Business Schools?

It’s not a normal Business School, yes, they teaches Management skills, Marketing, Public Relationship, Human Resource like all other Business Schools, but there’s one thing that makes them different, the skills set development.

The believe in creating a whole new CEO, and it’s not what you think! Their CEO represents: Creative, Enlightened, Organic Leader, they believe that the future need this type of CEO, in fact we feel that we need it now!

The photo above shows a red arrow down the stairs, it’s actually the direction to the Institute below, and the green arrow show the direction out to the main gate portrayed as student graduating and goes up to the corporate world.

There is 3D we focus on: Discourse, Dialogue, Discussion

As we walk further down, there was a Omega stand in the middle, and I can tell you, every structure is there for a purpose, and even this “Omega”. In the middle of the omega it portrait a flag that has 3 color representation: Green (Profit) Red (Responsibilities) Saffron (Good Governance).

If you look at my “ugly” drawing above, you will see how I try to connect all around the Omega, and no matter how many times you connect across, it will always form a ‘T’ and the “T” represent the Truth. Nobody bothers to walk one big round to get to where they want, they just want to cross it, short cut it, and therefore it comes back to them.

What is hope? Hope is Higher Order Purpose Existing

In Indus Business Academy, everything has it’s purpose, and they are not only taught physically, they are taught to grow mentally and physically, they are open to all and creates an all round leader.

What is thinking out of the box? People are setting a box structure there and let you think out of the box, why a box structure?

I was told during the meeting that IBA wasn’t called Indus Business Academy, it was Indian Business Academy as the main focus here is Indian, but during accreditation, they was told to change the name, because they are not allow to use that during a certain time in the 1960s, then came Indus.

As quoted by Dr. Subhash Sharma’s document:

Indus is an evocative word invoking in our mind the idea of Indus valley Civilization and entire Indic tradition. Indus as ‘Indian in Us’ captures the essence of this tradition and Indus as ‘Indian in US’ captures the essence  of the impact of India on the rest of the world

-From Indus (Indian in Us) to Indus (Indian in US): A New Age of India’s soft power

The all rounded Director is not only knowledgeable but at the same time selflessly passes on his wisdom to his students, I really appreciate such human beings that still exist in the world.

Arey hello hello O beauty

Lagti ho cutie cutie

Jaise tape tandoor mei roti

Vaise tape tumhari beauty


Jab tum chalti ho beauty

Hil jati hey tah dharti

Mit Jati hey sub riti

Phir jati hey sub niti, Arey hello hello O beauty


Kahin bhook se marte peasant

Kahin chal rahi beauty pageant, Arey hello hello O beauty


Jab chale tumhare fashion

Hil jate hain kai nations, Arey hello hello O beauty

Sab dekhen tumhari soorat

Hoti hai sab ko hairat, Arey hello hello O beauty


Yeh to hai ek nai culture

Kuch log yeh dete lecture

Insaan bane jab vulture

To kyon na hove hulchul, Arey hello hello O beauty


Yeh hai mind ka colonization

Body ka liberalization

Spirit ka mutilation

Ise kahten hain globalization, Arey hello hello O beauty


*Beauty in this poem also refers to Capitalism

-By Dr. Subhash Sharma

Shunya Poems

My Experiments with Corporate Rhymes

It’s our honor to be invited to plant a tree in Indus Business Academy and if I were to name this tree, I would have name it: The story-telling tree. Every part of a tree tells a story, no matter is it the story of the plant growing, the leaf that drops, the roots that grow, every part is a story and even death has it’s story. The plant is like the connection between us and IBA, just like Dr. Subhash Sharma has said: “As the plant grows, our connection grows.”

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