After eight years of steady growth and establishing footprint across 5 countries, Corporate Gurukul finally opens its doors to Business Schools in India .

Corporate Gurukul was invited to conduct recruitment drive by management institutions in Pune, India.

Director, Ms. Aali Basant was quite excited. She said, ‘We have received 300+ applications from top institutions in Pune. But we are looking at passion and ability to fail but still be strong. We have visited campuses and walked out without giving any offer just because we didn’t see enthusiasm and passion to learn and make a difference.’

On being asked what is unique about Corporate Gurukul’s hiring policy, the Managing Director Rajesh Panda commented, “We look for people who are ready to learn. Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. We are looking at someone who not only displays the potential to build a profitable scalable business, but also wants to make a real difference and impact, whether that means creating a market, building an industry, altering the way people think about things, or making their lives better and easier.”

Corporate Gurukul is looking for core management team members who can start their own ventures within the company in the next three years.

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