Corporate Gurukul is excited to announce its unique initiative to transform STEM education in India by imparting 21st century skills in association with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)’s – i-Carnegie Global Learning platform. An agreement to this effect was signed on 28th January, 2016 with CM Asia in Singapore.

In collaboration with the Software Engineering Institute/CMMI (SEI-CMM), iCarnegie developed programs in IT, Computer Science and Software Development. Bringing together a robust curriculum, based on research and best practices from Carnegie Mellon University, we apply that to business, university and certification programs that demand specialized skills.

Corporate Gurukul’s Managing Director, Mr. Panda said, “Our mission is to enhance education opportunities worldwide, drawing on the rich, research- driven practical experience that comes from being associated with Carnegie Mellon University. With a focus on delivering K – 12 and Vocational programs that enhance student experiences, we have pioneered new approaches to curricular and program design.”

The robust programmes, including STEM with Robotics and STEM Computer Science and Coding, are based on research and best practices from Carnegie Mellon University that we apply to educational solutions that help every learner achieve their full potential.

Corporate Gurukul will offer i-Carnegie Global Learning curriculum and programme to institutions in India starting February, 2016.

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