The Emerald Heights International School

The Emerald Heights International School

Global Research Immersion Programme

School Profile

Emerald Heights International School, Indore is known for cultivating an environment which provides its students intellectual exposure with many avenues to reach their goals successfully and express their creativity and talents.



The client realized that it is imperative in today’s world that the students hone the skills of the future which includes: Research Skills, Social skills, Thinking skills, Communication Skills and the most important Self- Management Skills.

Our Solution

Corporate Gurukul undertook the responsibility to provide an effective solution to the challenges faced by the institution. The Global Research Immersion Programme (GRIP) was the best answer.

Duration : 60 hrs project work and 20 hrs immersion

Programme Inclusions

Training Module:

  • Design Thinking for Research and problem solving
  • Career Immersion at NTU & NUS

Project Feedback and Assessment:

  • Formative Assessment by Design Thinking Experts
  • Summative Assessment by Educators/ Research Experts at NTU/NUS

Industry Immersion:

  • NEWater

Industry Interaction:

  • Facebook